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We interviewed Stacey Cruse, Ladies Super Liga captain, who uses the Colombo Gym’s pitches to train with her team each week.

Using Colombo’s pitches mean her team can train to be their best, all while supporting the local community. Find out what she has to say about how training at Colombo Gym has helped her and her team to improve. 

Stacey, can you tell us, why did you want to start a women’s football league?
Well, having played football most of my life, the mental and physical benefits of belonging to a team or league is immense. Football brings people and friendships together as you learn to work and support each other as a team. I wanted to set up a football league which delivered valued for money, was well organised and an open and welcoming place for all females and non-binary people to come and participate. 

Sounds amazing, what would you like to achieve in the future?
Moving forward Ladies Super Liga would love to offer a mid-week league, fitness sessions and to reach out and encourage people from the Southwark and Lambeth community to come and take part in our sessions and/or football league. Essentially, Ladies Super Liga wants to expand!

Why is working with Colombo Gym important to you?
It’s just a great place to be… it has amazing facilities, it’s so welcoming and the staff are super friendly. I feel like you’re instantly put at ease when you walk in. Colombo Gym is passionate about help you achieve your goals and they’re ready to listen and work with you. Everyone at Colombo Gym is really respectful and supportive. The cost to join the gym is an added bonus – it’s so cheap!

Finally, how will you create more awareness of your football league?
We’re going to promote our league on social media – you can follow our Instagram here! We’ll put up posters in the centre and are hoping to find a mid-week slot for us to train in.


As you can see, Colombo gym is more than just a gym; it’s a hub for the local community where people can build connections while improving both their health and well-being.

Your membership fee supports Stacey and the Ladies’ Super Liga team and helps them to be the best they can be!


More information about the Ladies Super Liga:
Sundays 12-5pm, open to females and non binary people 18+
Contact: Stacey - 07715 452 446 /
Instagram/facebook: ladiessuperliga

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