Coin Street Stories

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We’re on a mission to collect your Coin Street Story, building a catalogue of funny, touching, and inspiring moments from the past forty years in our thriving neighbourhood driven by social enterprise.  

Your experience will be the heart of the Coin Street Stories digital project, forming a rich online archive that reflects the essence of our community. 

If you have a connection to Coin Street, share your story, anecdote, or milestone memory with us. It doesn't have to be lengthy; if it's true and meaningful to you, we want to hear it. 

To guide you through the process, we've created a helpful booklet on how to share your story. Please see the download link below. 

We want to make Coin Street Stories accessible to as many people as possible. If you need assistance submitting your story or would like to discuss the project, contact us at  

Your stories contribute to the vibrant mosaic of Coin Street’s history, a chronicle celebrating the shared experiences that have shaped our community over forty years.  

About the Project

Coin Street Stories aims to mark an important milestone in its 40th year with a series of activities and outputs that reflect on Coin Street’s history (1984-2024), present the brilliant work of Coin Street in the community today, and looks to Coin Street’s future.

A new digital project will put the voices, histories and stories of people living or connected to Coin Street centre-stage by gathering stories from those in our community and creating a new artistic work based on these.

In July 2024, the project will be launched here on the Coin Street website and run until the end of the year. This means we’ll be taking story submissions right up until the start of December 2024.

If English is not your first language or spelling and grammar is not your strong point don’t worry, we still want to hear your story and will proofread and edit the story as necessary.

What Story Would You like To Tell?

We believe that everybody is creative and has a story to tell, this could be anything from a funny anecdote to a milestone memory. Your story does not have to be a long one; if it is true and means something to you, then we want to hear it.

Our aim is to present a vast range of experiences from the people of Coin Street and to demonstrate that the stories of people in our inspirational neighbourhood have cultural value - whether that is by making others laugh, think, feel, or simply engage with a story that is different from their own.

Anyone with a connection to Coin Street is eligible to take part; whether you were born here, have previously lived, or worked here, or currently call home. If you have taken part in our campaigning work, attended a Coffee morning, Christmas Party or sailed with us up the Thames, whatever you have done with us over the years.

Tell us about an enduring friendship you made at Coin Street, or a kindness from a neighbour. Do you have a birthday or anniversary story experienced at Coin Street you can tell? All could be the basis for your story. If your children attended or currently attend the nursery or after school clubs, played sport at Colombo, participated in our community events activities you can write about all about this too.

Tell Us Your Story

Submitting your personal story to Coin Street Stories is easy! Our guide below contains simple templates to help you write your story down or create an audio or video file. You can then send these to us via email, post or in person by following the instructions at the bottom of each page.

Accompany Your Story With An Image

We need to put a photograph or image to illustrate the page for your story! Ideally, please ensure you send a picture of yourself with your story. You can attach this to your email, or if you are delivering your story to us in-person you can include a hard-copy photograph (please note that we are unable to return hard-copy images).

We Need Your Consent

Please complete this digital Coin Street Stories Participant Consent Form or you can download the form and either email it to us or mail it with a  copy of your story and photograph.

Looking for Inspiration?

Over the past few years Coin Street has produced many short films featuring the people who live, work, visit and use our community programmes. These can be found on YouTube here

Between 2010-2015  Coin Street ran a couple of community heritage projects with funding from Heritage Lottery and you may discover some interesting  things which prompt a few memories. Waterloo Sounds' focus was on the local area, not specifically Coin Street but there are still some relevant archive materials which might remind you of something you were involved in. A great source of inspiration is SE1 Stories. More can be discovered here.

If podcasts are your thing, you can listen to some amazing experiences and hear from people you might remember here.

Thank You for Being Part of the Coin Street Story.