Champions Celebration

Champions Celebration Nursery Graduation

Explorers, Investigators and Discoverers dressed in capes and hats made by the children themselves, gathered to celebrate their own achievements during their time at the Nursery.

Cherishing the creativity, collaboration and commitment of children is important to our early year educators. As the children take their next steps to new adventures, a special event was created to celebrate our young Champions!  A kind of mini graduation or special leavers ceremony, with a nod to Hogwarts.

Into the Neighbourhood Centre, in procession, came the excited children, dressed as their favourite Superhero. They told us why they liked their chosen one, and if they had a superpower themselves, what it would be. Some wanted to fly, be invisible, very strong or simply spray the world with sparkles!

Parents came along too. They brought wicker hampers, blankets, cushions and lashings of ginger beer for a jolly teddy bear picnic.

Elephants, Tigers, Parrots and Frogs walked along a red carpet to receive individual recognition and presented with a personal certificate. Each letter in the child’s name, described in one word, a special quality and why they are a Coin Street Champion.

Parents and children who were unable to attend, were not left out and joined the festivities by Zoom.

Events like this and visits to sights in the neighbourhood are just some of the ways Coin Street Nursery celebrate the wonderful children who come to stay with us.

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