Celebrating International Women’s Day at Gabriel’s Wharf

Image of three woman laughing together, sat at a bench in Gabriel's Wharf.

Happy International Women’s Day!

The 8th of March is known worldwide as International Women’s Day, a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. International Women’s Day is one of the most important days of the year to celebrate women’s achievements, to educate and raise awareness for women’s equality, and call for positive change.

At Gabriel’s Wharf, many of our small businesses are female-owned, such as our independent florist Ray Ray’s Flowers and chocolatier Gabu Chocolate. Our artist-run art galleries Southbank Printmakers and Skylark Galleries also have many female artists from the UK and abroad as part of their collectives, who all create art in their own distinctive styles.

This blog highlights the incredible work our female small business owners and entrepreneurs do at Gabriel’s Wharf. Visit our independent boutiques on London’s South Bank to support female-owned businesses this International Women’s Day!

Image of a woman wearing a grey hat and scarf.

Joanne Plumb Knitwear

Joanne Plumb, owner of Joanne Plumb Knitwear, has owned her independent knitwear boutique at Gabriel’s Wharf for over 20 years!

Joanne uses various fabrics such as cotton, linen, merino, and cashmere on her knitting machine, creating bespoke knitwear such as hats, scarves, and gloves. Her knitwear comes in a range of vibrant colours and is guaranteed to make you feel beautiful and cosy.

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Image of a brown hat modelled on a mannequin.

Heads Rule Hearts

Heads Rule Hearts is owned by Janice Bocquillon, a long-term member of our Gabriel’s Wharf community. Heads Rule Hearts sells a range of products from women’s clothes to hats and children’s clothes.

Janice’s designs are all made by hand and span a variety of styles to suit all occasions. By using offcuts and recycled materials for the fabrics of her products, Janice creates sustainable bespoke items with zero waste.

If you’re looking for contemporary handmade fashion and want to support female-owned businesses, Heads Rule Hearts is the perfect shopping destination for you.

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Image of orange and gold chocolate pieces.

Gabu Chocolate

Lisette Davis, owner of Gabu Chocolate, is a chocolatier who creates and sells bespoke artisan chocolate. Lisette makes all her chocolates by hand using authentic Caribbean beans.

Gabu Chocolate recognises the current supply chain in chocolate is sometimes unethical, so Lisette is passionate about her products being traced directly from Caribbean origin.

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Black and white print of a woman dancing.

Southbank Printmakers

Southbank Printmakers is an artist-run art gallery in Gabriel’s Wharf. The cooperative group of 40 independent artists and printmakers is home to a variety of talented female artists from the UK and abroad.

Support independent female artists this International Women’s Day while you explore the diverse range of prints on display in the gallery, both online and in-store.

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Painting of Kate Bush performing by artist Stella Tooth.

Skylark Galleries

To celebrate International Women’s Day, Skylark Galleries artist Helen Trevisiol Duff has curated their latest online exhibition ‘Collector’s Corner’, featuring artwork by some of the female artists in their collective.

The new exhibition features art in various styles by artists such as Stella Tooth, Amanda Gosse, and Sarah Knight.

Helen has also published the latest blog from Skylark Galleries titled ‘The Colourist’, which looks at why we create art. She interviews four female members of the collective about their different works and the inspirations behind them. To read Helen’s new blog, click here.

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Image of Margarita standing in front of HolaGuacamole.


Margarita Garcia is the owner of HolaGuacamole, which serves fresh and tasty Mexican street food in the heart of London.

HolaGuacamole offers burritos, quesadillas, nachos, tacos, and fajitas. Their products are based on their very own recipes, and their ingredients are sourced locally as much as possible.

Get a taste of Mexico this International Women’s Day at HolaGuacamole!

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An image of a bouquet of flowers.

Ray Ray’s Flowers

Ray Ray’s Flowers, owned by Rachel Thom, is an independent florist whose floral arrangements reflect their signature wild and natural style.

Offering both fresh and dried flowers, they source locally grown British flowers wherever possible. Find a bespoke floral bouquet of your own to brighten up your home this International Women’s Day.

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From all of us at Gabriel’s Wharf, we’d like to wish you a happy International Women’s Day!

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