Celebrating Hommie

Hommie discussing some of her casework with Hayley

For 14 years Hommie has been Coin Street’s Family Support and Outreach Manager. Learn more about the vital support she has given local families throughout the years.

“I have worked with families for over thirty years in different settings across Southwark. As a child I grew up near Coin Street in the local community and am committed to creating positive outcomes for children and parents.

“I joined Coin Street when the family and children’s centre opened. Along with the Youth and Community programmes team I helped set up the children’s centre. From running the Saturday stay ‘n’ play sessions at 99 Upper Ground to the move into the new Coin Street neighbourhood centre, I ensured families with under-fives had a space to bond.

mums and babies enjoying a parenting session

“Managing our Family Support team includes team members, Early Year’s educators, student social workers and volunteers as well as working closely with the children’s and parent’s voice group, which was created to shape the Family Support Services offered at Coin Street to benefit those using them.

“Leading the Family Support team, I have been able to improve outcomes for young children ensuring they get the best start in life. This reduces inequalities later in life for those families in the greatest need. Our team provides each child and family with access to the support they need. Improving health and life chances is at the core of the work we do.

“I have been a strong advocate for user led services. This ethos is echoed in the work I do with families in the community. Focusing on well-being and development, and close working relationships with families has created an outstanding family and children’s centre. The families that attend our sessions have become strong advocates for Coin Street as a result.


“For me Coin Street means…Community, Inspirational and Creative.”