Art for Ages

Row of coloured paint pots with people in the background

Coin Street has successfully secured £9.250 to support the Art Group for a whole year! The award has been presented by the National Lottery’s Community Fund.


Anna Glarin

This Art Group could not be achieved without the support of the National Lottery!

- Anna Glarin, Community Programmes Co-ordinator

Art Group sessions for older members of the community will kick off in September and run to July 2022.

The Art Group aim to address isolation, loneliness and mental ill health with art sessions as people come out of lockdown. With Covid-19 pandemic still with us, older people in the neighbourhood most affected by Covid-19, will continue to be supported.

Attending the Art Group gives me the chance to explore different aspects of a favourite subject, to see exhibitions that would be unaffordable for me. 

Katerina Jugati, Artist

Art Group members are involved in designing the content of the sessions with materials and tutor costs covered by the funding.

This grant will help elevate the already amazing work this group produces, but most importantly, it will help reach more older people in our community who want to improve their mental wellbeing through art.

- Anna Glarin, Community Programmes Co-ordinator

The artist tutor will complete a drama therapy course to enhance the offer, which will include wellbeing elements such as mindfulness and chair massage. Funding will cover exhibition costs and a couple of trips to galleries.

We are offering sessions in-person and online, so anyone can join. Social prescribing is key, targeting those who benefit most from sessions. We are working closely with local agencies

- Anna Glarin, Community Programmes Co-ordinator

In 2019/20 over £588 million was awarded with 83% of National Lottery grants under £10,000. Every time you buy a National Lottery ticket, you help make this happen.

It helps me stay connected with people. I have become part of the community, forming true friendships. My life would be less rich without it.

- Katerina Jugati, Artist
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