100% of our parents say “their child is doing well at Coin Street Nursery”

Parent and child

Everyone wants the best for their child at all stages of their life. 

It all starts with finding the best nursery for your little one. What if you could send your baby to a nursery that ticks all the right boxes? We're very proud that 100% of our parents would recommend Coin Street Nursery.

We’ve received lots of positive feedback from our annual parents’ satisfaction survey last month; this feedback is crucial. It means we can keep raising our standards, and continue giving the children the best start in life.

One parent said: “Thank you all for taking care of my son and stimulating him to learn new things every day. It's lovely to see how happy he is when attending nursery.”

We’re so pleased to know that 100% of our parents surveyed said their child is doing well at our nursery. We will continue to involve our parents in their child’s learning journey so we can maximise their learning while they’re with us, in the early years of their life.

Children learn best when they feel happy and safe. So, another important area we focus on is children’s happiness and safety; 100% of parents agreed their child felt both happy and safe in our nursery. The children’s happiness and ability to learn are at the forefront of everything we do. From giving the children opportunities to choose how they learn best, to encouraging them to problem solve and become more independent. Their happiness – and ability to learn - is central.

For more detailed information about Coin Street Nursery, you can read our updated Nursery Handbook here, or visit our dedicated Nursery page here.

If you would like more information on booking a space in the nursery for your little one, please email nursery@coinstreet.org.

You can also book a space on one of our fortnightly Nursery tours (on Zoom for now!). To do so, please email nursery@coinstreet.org.

Another parent said “Coin Street Nursery is without a doubt a wonderful nursery where all the caregivers are very friendly. I am very grateful to everyone for the great work they do with my son. Thanks.”

95% of the parents surveyed said the nursery consistently lets them know how their child is doing. We have signed up to the FirstSteps Parent Link app, which we are implementing step by step throughout 2021. To start with, Parent Link will replace daily handover notes. You will be able to use this app to view your child’s day at nursery; including activities, meals, nappy changes, bottle feeds and sleep. With this app, we aim to have 100% of parents knowing how their child is doing at nursery.

One parent said “My child loves nursery, we’re so glad we chose Coin Street. We're really looking forward to using the new app so we can better see what the children do during the day”


A big part of children’s happiness comes from the activities they do. 95% of our parents said there was a good range of activities available to their child at Coin Street Nursery.

We're a 5-minute walk from Waterloo and Blackfriars stations on London's South Bank. The London Eye, Big Ben, Covent Garden, Trafalgar Square and Borough Market are all within a 10-minute walk or bus ride. Before Covid-19, we regularly took the children out to see the sights and we plan to again when it is safe to do so. Along with trips, our daily activities range from cookery, gardening, music, sports and more.

Another parent said "The nursery has been great. Both of my children are so happy there"

93% of parents agreed that the nursery makes sure the children are well behaved. Teaching children how to regulate their emotions and develop good behaviour is a priority for us.

You can read our 2021 Parent’s Satisfaction Survey on our dedicated Nursery page here.

Jane, Head of Early Years Development, said ‘Our focus since returning in June has been on promoting positive behaviour rather than ‘managing difficult behaviour’.  In January we used the inset day to train together as a team to ensure we have a consistent approach across the whole nursery, and I shared some of these ideas and strategies with parents so they could be used at home. If we are consistent at home and at nursery then our children will learn quickly how to self-regulate their emotions and get the best from their time at nursery.

Please get into contact with Tom or Marie to ask about a space at Coin Street Nursery for your child, booking a Nursery Zoom tour, or for general enquiries by calling 020 7021 1670 or email nursery@coinstreet.org.