Gentle gardening group at Coin Street

Your donation will make a difference to someone in Waterloo and North Southwark. Thank you.

With many people affected by the cost-of-living crisis in the UK, our mission to create and support a resilient, adaptable neighbourhood, of people and places, where everyone's diverse needs are met, is more important than ever.
Thanks to donors like you, our youth and community team will continue to run a rich programme of health and wellbeing activities for everyone, from gardening, to singing, to sports and fitness, to the arts, connecting people, nurturing their resilience, and improving their quality of life.
With your support, we will foster enterprise, creativity and lifelong learning, getting alongside people to build their creative talents, learn skills, and help them to access new opportunities that will enhance their CV and offers of employment.
Because of your donation, we will give the best start for children and families, providing free or affordable expert support and services, to all families but especially those facing complex challenges.

Bringing people together and being by their side in times of joy, and in their time of need, is at the heart of what we do

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Ways you can help


Support local people of all ages by sharing your skills, and providing guidance and companionship. Email to find out more about volunteering at Coin Street and to register your interest.


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Coin Street art group

"The art group at Coin Street has done wonders for people’s wellbeing. Especially for those who attend as a means of respite from caring for grandchildren or spouses. It gives me something to look forward to in the week. I love coming here."

- Michael, art group participant and community member