Young Leader Liam shares his thoughts on green technology

Liam wanted to share some thoughts about an extended project he is doing for school. It explores how businesses should be embracing green technology:

“Quarantine’s been pretty boring for everyone and we’ve all had to change our daily activities and find something new or interesting to do at home. Before quarantine had started, I had actually started a small research project in school alongside my A-levels called an EPQ (Extended project qualification). This project included a lot of independent research, a 5000 word essay on the research and a final presentation about my journey in the project. Right now I’m about half way into the essay and I hope to finish it during the summer, it’s taking so long to complete mainly due to the lack of resources available during our current circumstances.

“My essay is on manufacturing and it analyses whether using green manufacturing will improve the industry financially and reduce the impact we have on our planet at the same time. My initial research proved that green manufacturing was good for the environment and that the old lean manufacturing system wasn’t good enough to tackle the current crisis of global warming. My issue however was that the only examples of successful manufacturers that had gone completely green were big companies for example IKEA. This made me question why only big companies were switching to green processes, after some more research I found out that small businesses weren’t moving to green because of financial reasons and other technical difficulties with switching to green.

“As I dug deeper I realised that there were many issues surrounding small companies’ attempting different sustainable manufacturing techniques and so I decided to do my essay on this. The essay question is ‘Would moving from lean manufacturing to green manufacturing be beneficial to manufacturing companies?’ and I plan on assessing whether the switch to green is actually difficult for small companies and whether the financial losses of moving to green are worth it for the better of our planet.

“I’m interested in this topic because I did Design Technology at GCSE and I would like to study engineering at university. Doing this project has kept me busy during quarantine which is good as without the project I would probably be watching tv and gaming all day but instead I can spend an hour or two everyday researching and writing the essay.”

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