Young Leader Maya writes creative piece for online festival

Maya Coombs, one of our young leaders, has written a creative writing piece for another online festival A Town Explores A Book. Maya thought it would be cool to create descriptions of a favourite landmark or building in the style of H.G. Wells.

Read an extract from Maya’s Time Machine Creative Writing Challenge below:

“I stood at the feet of the large cascading concrete steps in awe. Towering over me was a roof like structure with famous figures from before Christ carved into the marble supported by pillars so tall that it blocked the sun’s warm rays, casting a shadow over me and an unsettling chill. I marched up the steep slabs and reached a strong oak and iron door. Without a doubt in my mind, I pushed the door open and stepped over the threshold of present and past.

“I was greeted by a lingering smell of dust as I stumbled across the ancient artefacts from across the seven seas. Next, came the strong scent of bleach used on the pristine floors scrubbed until your reflection could be seen through your reflection. I tilted my head and eyes upwards to what I would expect of a ceiling but in fact I saw fractures of glass framed by onyx iron in a never-ending triangular canopy.

“My body pivoted eastwards as I prepared myself to greet the one thing that placed me here in the first place.”

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