Tom Keller

Tom has lived in the SE1 area since 1982 and during this time has lived in Mulberry Housing Co-operative and currently lives in Palm Housing Co-operative with his partner and 2 daughters.

Tom became a member of Coin Street Community Builders in 1992, and chaired the Neighbourhood and Community Working Group, whose aim was to build and enhance links and services within our local communities. He has a particular interest in how we communicate internally and externally and human resources.

Tom was the chairman of the tenants’ association in Webber Row before he moved to Mulberry Housing Co-operative where he served on the management committee for about five years and was also membership secretary. He has served on the management committee of Palm Housing Co-operative, and has acted as secretary and then chair until 2016.

Tom has a BSc in Social Psychology from the London School of Economics and is an actor who has recently started a business with two other actors training people in presentation and communication skills.