Tina Worms

Tina has lived in Mulberry Housing Co-operative since 1988 and prior to that lived in the SE1 area for 8 years.

Tina is now retired previously being the parent outreach worker at the Crawford children’s centre in Camberwell, where she supported parents and carers with at least one child under the age of five. Prior to that she was a senior play leader and toy librarian for Southwark’s early years’ department for 28 years. Tina completed a foundation degree in arts in 2009 and a BA (Hons) in Education in 2010.

Tina served on the board of Coin Street Secondary Housing Co-operative from 1990 – 2007. She is currently a trustee of Coin Street Centre Trust and has been since 2007 but remains interested in housing matters.

Since moving to Mulberry Housing Co-operative Tina has been involved with its management committee, has supported a youth group in being acknowledged of its need within the area at ‘Living Space’ on Waterloo Road, and helped establish, support and fundraise for ‘Mini Mints’ in Borough, an under-5s group and their adventure playground.

Tina enjoys reading, watching films, knitting, sewing, arts, crafts and walking along the South Bank with her family, as there is so much to see.