There are a number of independent organisations that oversee ‘Coin Street’. These organisations work together closely to develop, manage and maintain facilities on our 13-acre site and to deliver community programmes in our Waterloo and North Southwark neighbourhood.

Coin Street Community Builders

CBCS employs the staff team that runs most of our activities. Members of the company must live in our Waterloo and North Southwark neighbourhood and all financial surpluses must be applied to CSCB’s public service objectives.

Coin Street Community Builders Board
Scott Rice (Chair)
David Morgan (Vice Chair)
George Nicholson (Treasurer)
Iain Tuckett (Secretary)
Tom Keller
Phil Morris
Rob Smith
Kfir Yefet

Coin Street Secondary Housing Co-operative

CSS focuses on housing activities. It is registered with the Regulator of Social Housing and the Financial Conduct Authority. CSS leases its developments to fully mutual ‘primary’ co-ops run by the people living in them. CSS remains responsible for maintaining lifts and the external structures of each of its developments.

Coin Street Secondary Housing Co-operative Board
Keith Jenkins (Chair)
Neil Cole (Vice Chair)
Phil Morris (Treasurer)
Christine Czechowski
Peter Stephens
Kate Swade
Iain Tuckett

Coin Street Centre Trust

CSCT is a registered charity which oversees the Coin Street family and children’s centre and Coin Street’s community programmes. It is the sole member of Colombo Street community and sports centre which owns sports pitches and courts in Hatfields and Paris Gardens, as well as gym and community facilities in the Colombo Centre. CSCT will own the public swimming and indoor leisure centre that forms part of CSCB’s Doon Street development

Coin Street Centre Trust Board
Elizabeth Owens (Chair)
Peter Stephens (Vice Chair)
Lenny Goodrich
Scott Rice
Iain Tuckett
Jo-Anna van den Bosch
Abby Wilson
Tina Worms

In 1993 the Boards of Coin Street Community Builders, Coin Street Secondary Housing Co-operative and Coin Street Centre Trust agreed a shared set of aims and objectives to guide their activities. Read the shared aims and objectives