Applying for co-operative housing

There is a huge demand for the flats and houses built by Coin Street Community Builders. The housing co-operative community is a stable one and very few vacancies arise in our existing co-operatives.

The Coin Street co-operatives will only allocate homes to people they consider to be in housing need and whose households are the right size for the properties available. You may also want to bear in mind that they give priority to certain groups of people in housing need. To date these have been:

  • People already living in Waterloo or North Southwark or with a good reason for wanting to live in these areas.
  • People already living in housing co-operatives who need transfers.
  • People who work in low-paid jobs in or near to central London – especially those providing community service in key jobs such as nursing, teaching, public transport.

Unfortunately we cannot put your name on a waiting list for housing or help you if you need somewhere to live urgently.

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To join our mailing list please complete this online form: 

Putting your name on the mailing list does not automatically mean that you will be offered housing – either now or in the future. You should continue to explore all other housing options – including contacting your local council and/or advice centre if you have not done so.

In addition to the housing co-operatives set-up and managed by Coin Street Secondary Housing, there are other housing co-operatives in the Waterloo area.

More information on other housing co-operatives

Other useful housing contacts