Spotlight On: The Centre for Ageing Better

On Wednesday 2 December the independent charitable foundation the Centre for Ageing Better held the launch even for the announcement of their priority areas of focus in the Coin Street conference centre’s Neighbourhood Room.

The launch event saw over 150 guests in attendance from a wide range of organisations. At the event, Ageing Better revealed the findings of their landmark study, Later Life in 2015 – produced in collaboration with Ipsos MORI, which looks at how people are experiencing older age today and how this knowledge can help improve lives for many more people in future.

The Centre for Ageing Better, whose work focuses on helping everybody enjoy a good later life, chose to hold their event at the Coin Street conference centre for the venue’s large and versatile, accommodating spaces as well as the strong technical facilities and support provided. The organisation also noted Coin Street’s commitment to the local community and its support for enterprise for all ages as key deciding factors in bringing the event to the venue.

“For us, it was important to choose a venue that chimed with our own aspirations for a fairer society. It helped that the venue was so conveniently located and could provide us with all the technical support we required. The result was an exciting and lively evening and we have received a huge amount of positive feedback for how much everyone attending enjoyed the event.”
– Paddy Hanrahan, Director of Operations, Centre for Ageing Better

The Centre for Ageing Better produced a short video capturing the highlights from the event: