South Bank & Waterloo Neighbourhood Referendum  

A plan for a better future

After five years of hard work by residents, local organisations and businesses, the South Bank and Waterloo Neighbourhood Plan is going to a public vote on Thursday 24 October 2019.

Every vote counts

If voted for by a majority of local residents and businesses, the Neighbourhood Plan will shape planning applications and guide decisions about the future of Waterloo and the South Bank. The Plan addresses key issues including air quality and green spaces, new developments, social infrastructure and culture, transport and streetscene, retail and work, and how money generated through local developments is spent.

Over 500 people were involved in meetings, walking tours, public debates, school assemblies, workshops which helped shape the Plan. A giant map in Lower Marsh Market recorded what people thought the best and worst things about living and working locally were, including their hopes for the future. These answers became the Neighbourhood Plan.

David Hopkins, Director of Community at Coin Street Community Builders said:

“By showing up on the 24 October and voting ‘Yes’, you will help ensure that when big decisions are made about the future of Waterloo and the South Bank local voices are heard and carry weight.  Hundreds of people and dozens of organisations have poured their ideas, knowledge and experience into this Plan which will help protect what is special about Waterloo and South Bank and keep it a great place for future generations to live, work and play. Every vote counts and every vote matters, please use yours on Thursday 24 October!”