Rambert presents Draw from Within

Rambert’s full company of dancers are currently in the studio creating Draw from Within, their first real-time, live-stream performance with leading choreographer and filmmaker, Wim Vandekeybus.

For three performances only – through the eye of the camera – audiences will land right in the middle of a turbo-charged live performance. The piece will be performed in all the spaces of Rambert’s building, from the stairwells to the studios to the roof, with the camera in the thick of the action.

Rambert’s space will be transformed into a series of contrasting, vivid theatrical worlds, some dream worlds, some nightmares, some turned upside down… Rambert’s Artistic Director, Benoit Swan Pouffer, says “We’re creating an experience you cannot have in the theatre”, and a piece that will be “fantastical, sometimes nightmarish, sometimes filled with hope”.

Rambert, Britain’s oldest dance company, built its new home on Coin Street’s site in 2014 in return for a commitment to provide an affordable community dance programme in the local area. As part of this partnership with Coin Street, people living in the neighbourhood area can book Rambert’s many classes at a reduced rate.

Rambert is offering Coin Street residents free tickets to the livestream performances on Thursday 24th September at 12pm and Friday 25th September at 8pm. To RSVP, please email learning@rambert.org.uk confirming you would like a ticket and they will be in touch nearer the time of the livestream with your unique access code and link.

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