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Nursery Open Day- Saturday 27th November (Save the date!)
We are excited to invite you all to come and join us in the nursery on Saturday 27th November between 10am and 12.30pm.

On the day we will be setting up activities for you and your children to join in with. The activities will be based on our new curriculum so that you can get first-hand experience of what we are doing to support your children’s development.

It will also be a great opportunity to catch up with members of the team and meet other parents and children in a more social and informal way. So, please try and come and be ready to get involved and to get messy!

Jamila will be providing a light lunch on the day so if you are intending to come then please do respond to the nursery@ email confirming your attendance and how many people will be joining you on the day.


Coin Street Champions book club
One of the most important areas for children to develop early is their language and literacy skills. One of the best ways parents can support their children with this aim is to spend time reading and talking to your child every day. I have attached some tips for what to do when trying to support early reading skills with young children.

To help support you with this and to get the children excited about reading we are launching a Coin Street Champions book club. This book club has been possible through some of the generous book donations that our parents and carers have donated as part of the Pass it on – The gift of imagination project (see attached flyer). All children will be able to take part in the book club so please try and take part.

How it will work
Once a week you and your child will choose a book from the bookshelf for their room which will be located at the entrance to the nursery. You will keep the book for a week and once you’ve returned it your child will get a stamp on their book club record card.

These will be displayed on the wall in the reception area so the children can see how they are progressing.

Each week you can take a new book and when it’s returned the children will receive another stamp. Once they have got 4 stamps, they will receive a bronze award, then after a further 5 weeks a silver award and then after another 6 weeks a gold award. (15 weeks in all). Once completed the children can start again. In recognition of their efforts the children will receive a certificate and a bronze/silver or gold book worm badge.

I’m sure with your support the children will really love collecting their stamps and awards. If you have any books you would like to donate to further support this project then please do pass them on.


Administering medicines – update
As part of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) reforms early years settings are now allowed with the permission of parents to administer paracetamol solution and anti-allergy medication. Previously we have not been allowed to administer this unless prescribed by a doctor. This change was made to support the emergency medical treatment for children when they have a high temperature or have an allergic reaction to something they have meet. To support this change, we have updated our policy and procedures.

For all new children starting the nursery, parents will be asked to provide permission during the registration process.  If you would like to update your permissions to allow your child to be given liquid paracetamol solution (Calpol) or anti-allergy solution (Piriton) then please complete a medication consent form (one for each medication) so that we can update your child’s records. I have attached the updated policy for your reference.

If you'd like any more information, please email