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Early Years Curriculum

As part of the changes to the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) all early years settings are required to develop their own individual curriculum policy that reflects the needs of the children in their community.

The changes have to be implemented from September 2021 and we are expected to embed them over the course of the following year.

To prepare for this we have been thinking, developing and implementing our revised approach over the past year, so hopefully parents and carers will see very little change in our practice.

We have a set of curriculum goals that we aim for all children to achieve by the time they leave our nursery and transition to school. The aims are ambitious, and we will be focusing our attention on them over the next year.

The aims have been designed so that they incorporate all 7 areas of learning in the EYFS and will therefore ensure that all children have opportunities to reach their full potential by the time they leave us.

We are confident that the curriculum we have put in place meets the needs of our children and our community.

The changes also include a higher focus on developing children’s communication, language and literacy skills and an expectation for nurseries to reduce the workload and record keeping, written observations and so on for our staff team.

One of the ways we need to reduce workload is to address the demands that completing the diary entries has on staff time across the nursery.

We recognise that for all parents you are keen to see photos of what your children have explored or taken part in daily basis, but we need to get this in balance. To get some control over what is happening we are going to have an iPad free week as we launch our curriculum in September. This is so that we can get all staff to focus on their practice rather than worrying about uploading photos and documenting each child’s daily activities in detail.

Following this we are going to set some guidance to staff so that all parents are aware of the standard amount of entries that we expect in each room.

From September this will be:

Explorers: Daily diary entries that cover all sleep, feeds and a maximum of 3 photos per day

Investigators: Diary entries twice per week with a maximum of 10 photos per week

Discoverers : Diary entries once per week with a maximum of 10 photos per week.

Staff will continue to document children’s ‘WoW’ moments in their Special book which will be shared with you as your child progresses through the nursery. We are looking at other ways that you can be involved in your child’s learning throughout the year such as open days, reading volunteers, stay and play and more.

Parent partnership is important to us so we will continue to keep this under review as we start to implement the changes. 



Our nursery has been operating for 16+ years. In my estimation we need to spend approximately £30,000 to refresh and refurbish all areas both inside and outside of the nursery. We are committed to spending any surplus we have over the next 3 years to realise this ambition.

Jane is currently in consultation with Early Excellence – Early Years Resources, Furniture & Training | Nurseries & Primary Schools ( to put together a furniture and resources plan for the Investigators and Discoverers rooms and the outside area.

Once finalised we are looking to spend in the region of £7,500 on refurbishing the Investigators room in the next month or so. Depending on approval and delivery dates we are hoping for this refurbishment to be completed towards the end of September.

In the meantime, we have submitted a few bids to try and resource our sensory room and outdoor play area with support from our two London School of Economics interns.

Thank you to those parents who suggested ideas for raising funds including a ‘Bring and Buy’ toy sale, and a Winter Fayre. Both of these are great ideas as every few hundred pounds raised makes a world of difference. If you would like to join a parents fundraising group let me know so we can try and get some of these ideas off the ground.

If you'd like any more information, please email