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Dear Parents and Carers,

It’s been lovely to see all the children back at Nursery and to hear about all the lovely festive fun they had at home.

Last week was a short week but filled with lots of fun, laughter and learning.

We have awarded our first Silver Book club winners so well done to parents for continuing to support your children with this activity.

Please remember that the best day to change a book is a Tuesday unless you only attend on a Wednesday to Friday and then it would be best to make your changeover day a Friday.

Remember to keep the book for a week and use some of the tips to keep them interested.

Also thank you to all of you who supported us throughout the covid challenge we faced in the lead up to Christmas. It is always heart-warming to know we had your support. I’m pleased to say that all staff have now returned to work and hopefully we now have a period of immunity for our staff going forward.

In order for us to ensure we are able to maintain our service please do a lateral flow test on your child if they are exhibiting any symptoms of being unwell. As we know the infection often presents differently so it’s not always obvious that the symptoms are related to covid. The staff are continuing to test twice weekly so if we all work together, we can minimise the risk of any reduction in service or enforced closures through staffing shortages.


Annual Satisfaction Survey

This week we will be sending out our annual satisfaction survey.

You will receive an email next week with a link to the survey. Please do make sure to fill it out, your feedback is always so useful, and the quicker you get it done the less you will have myself and team pestering about it!


Rambert Returns!

Rambert have confirmed that they are ready for us to restart our musical movement sessions with them.

As part of the agreement, they have with Coin Street they provide the nursery with 18 weeks free sessions throughout the year during term time. We have broken theses down into three 5-week blocks and one 3-week block.

The sessions will aid the children in exploring and learning through play, movement, and dance.

The curriculum goals for the groups include:

  • 2-3yr old milestone - Children enjoy joining in with dancing and ring games. They can follow simple instructions, such   as “Clap your hands” or “Let’s turn around.”
  • 3-4yr old milestone - Children explore a wide range of music from different cultural backgrounds and can describe  the sudden changes they hear e.g. Loud, fast, slow etc. This will help them to create their own dance to a piece of music.

Children will choose a piece of music individually or in a small group. They will create their own dance routine, moving in time to the pulse of the music being listened to and physically responding to changes in the music, e.g. jump in response to loud/sudden changes in the music.

The sessions are for Investigators and Discoverers children and the plan is for each child to access 1-2 blocks per year. The sessions will be held on a Tuesday as this is the day that the highest number of nursery children attend and is the day that Rambert have a space and tutor available for us.

I realise that a few children will not get to access these sessions but if you are interested Rambert also provide some free sessions as part of the Community programme that take place on a Saturday morning. We will forward details of these sessions as soon as they are published.


Southbank Sinfonia 

Good news! Southbank Sinfonia orchestral players have secured further funding to continue working with us for another year. Each Friday a couple of their players will bring their instruments to lead a session of music, movement and singing with the children. The sessions take place in the nursery for Investigators and Discoverers children.


Teens and Toddlers

We are excited to have been chosen to take part in the Teens and Toddlers educational programme for 13-16 year olds, which combines classroom instruction and work experience at nurseries and schools in Southwark.

The programme is delivered on Thursday afternoons starting next Thursday for 16 weeks and encourages young people to:

  • Become a mentor and role model to a child in a nursery, supporting their learning and development.
  • Take part in reflective group learning sessions which include specialised coaching to boost their self-confidence and raise aspirations.
  • Achieve a national qualification in Interpersonal Skills (NCFE Level 1).

The teens will work with the children from 1:45 to 3:00pm (approx.) and then receive classroom instruction until 3:45pm.  The group of teens are all students from a Bacon’s College and will be supervised throughout by Teens and Toddlers’ trained facilitators and the nursery staff.

All students and facilitators will take a lateral flow test prior to attendance, wear masks whilst working in the nursery and undertake most of their sessions with the children in the outside play area.


Donation from Harvey Nichols – Balloon time!

On Friday 7 January we got a call at 10.30am asking if we’d like some balloons from the Harvey Nicholls Restaurant New Year’s Eve decorations. “Of course!” we said. Then 20 fantastic gold themed heavy-duty helium filled balloons arrived turning our expressive arts room into an interactive balloon pulling space. What a way to end the week!

If you'd like any more information, please email