Learning at Coin Street Nursery

Unique learning journeys

We believe every child’s learning process is unique, and support their natural disposition to explore, investigate and discover things that interest them.

Our staff and children are from diverse backgrounds which are reflected in our nursery. We choose activities that extend each child’s learning and development process and also broaden their horizons.

Our nursery is part of Coin Street’s Ofsted Outstanding Family and Children’s centre, which offers an exciting range of free programmes you can take part in.

Creative environments

Our recently refurbished nursery is purpose-designed, with interactive areas for educational activities, and an outside play area where children can explore and enjoy their environment.

Children take part in a wide range of activities including sessions at Rambert dance company’s headquarters. And we take regular trips to local places including; Tate Modern, British Transport Museum, London City Farms and China Town to celebrate Chinese New Year.

Parents as partners

We develop a strong relationships with parents in order to support you as your child’s main educator. We offer support during the settling-in process and maintain regular contact through a key nursery worker. Each term we create a progress report, with information on your child’s development and learning in the Nursery.

Award nominated healthy eating

All Nursery sessions include at least two meals and two snacks. We have worked with a dietitian to develop a menu of fresh and nutritious food with no added salt or sugar. Nursery meals are freshly prepared on-site by our Chef.

We are proud to have been one of four nurseries nationwide to be shortlisted for the food award in the Nursery World Awards 2017.

What our parents say

My son got along with his key person as soon as he met her at the home visit where she brought him a bunny rabbit to play with. She is thoughtful sweet and caring, committed to the well being of the children. She made sure that Arturo had a smooth settling in week and he loves her! Silvia C

I respect my key worker’s depth of knowledge and confidence in supporting my child to learn and flourish. She is an excellent ambassador for the nursery as she is always cheerful and positive, never failing to explain what they’ve been doing and what she has taught my child. Catherine B

We’d like to thank our nursery practitioner for her continuous love and care towards Finn. Paying attention to his individual needs makes us feel really pleased. She is interested in his development and always has time to talk about ways to help him.  Maddy M

Amelia, my daughter, is full of smiles and in her words she feels like a princess after her time in the nursery. Her key worker loves building bonds with the children and it shows! Charlene R

Get in touch

For more information, or to book a visit please e-mail nursery@coinstreet.org or call 020 7021 1670