Coin Street and Illu­mi­nat­ed Riv­er help 15 young artists to cre­ate lock­down art

Read this extract from our guest post on Illuminated Rivers website about this lovely art project that brought together young people aged 9+ to work on art during the lockdown.

The theme of this year’s Waterloo Festival, Transforming Communities, was a chance for Coin Street to continue to build an inspirational neighbourhood. We had planned some ambitious, interactive exhibitions and creative projects for locals to enjoy as part of this year’s Waterloo Festival. These were offered a home online during the months of May and June as the Waterloo Festival went virtual! Now celebrating its tenth anniversary, the festival has managed to bring the community of Waterloo together despite this difficult period and ensure that local residents can access creative pursuits during the lockdown.

As part of the festivities, we teamed up with Illuminated River to bring virtual art classes to children in the local community. Coin Street were funded by Illuminated River Foundation’s Community Fund to develop and deliver art workshops for young people aged 9+. The Waterloo Festival offered a weekly platform from which to showcase and share the work more widely. This project provided virtual art classes for 15 young artists in our community. Each week the children were asked to paint a different Illuminated River bridge, using a range of art mediums and styles and learning about influential artists such as Van Gogh and Picasso. Their final pieces were so fantastic that we featured them on our local billboard right next to Waterloo Bridge!

Artwork from the project

Here’s what one of our young artists, Miriam, had to say about the project:

“I really liked doing the project, I found it helped to clear my mind and it relaxed me! I would definitely do it again. I liked using the acrylics and my favourite bridge was Waterloo.”

Read the full post from Geena Patel, Communications Coordinator of Coin Street and Eleanor Watson, Artist and Workshop Facilitator on the Illuminated River website.