Celebration Day at Rambert

On Sunday 12 May people of all ages came along to celebrate 5 years of Coin Street and Rambert working together. From toddlers to the over 50’s art group there was something for everyone to try out. The partnership provides local people with the opportunity to get active and explore dance and this day was no exception. Families came together in dance and yoga sessions, adults enjoyed dance classes and children tried hip hop and arts and crafts.

Rambert2 performed for the local audience

The highlight of the day was when the audience were able to experience first hand an energetic contemporary dance performance by Rambert2. After a spirited show the audience asked the dancers questions about their experiences in the company. Barriers between dancer and audience were broken down in this informal conversation.

Enjoying chatting at Rambert

The archives and costumes were explored 

Visitors were treated to tours of the archive which revealed the story of Marie Rambert. Marie was a Polish emigree and dancer with the Paris based Ballet Russes company, who went on to found the Rambert Dance Company. Visitors were able to see photos and memorabilia including her ballet shoes. On the third floor was a display of beautiful costumes from past performances.

Families took part in classes and workshops

Also enjoyable were the taster sessions offered to local families, young children and adults. Families took part in yoga and young children came alive when introduced to hip hop and street dance. Adults thrived learning basic steps and techniques for dance. These sessions allowed local people to explore the options for getting active in their community.