Tom Keller – Local resident and Coin Street Board member

What is your involvement with Coin Street?

I was aware of Coin Street in the 1980s, and Mulberry Housing Co-op became my home in 1988. And in 1992 I was invited onto it’s board. I moved to Palm Housing Co-op in 1994. I’ve had various roles within the co-ops, from secretary to chair and my daughter Ella was actually the first child born on the site

Has your involvement changed over time?

I’ve had different roles within Palm and Mulberry housing co-ops, but now I’m more interested in community involvement at Coin Street. I was so pleased to see how successful the Community Day was recently.

Have you benefitted from your involvement and if yes, how?

Enormously. It’s given me a fantastic place to live and watch my family grow up. I’ve had a chance to get to really know my community and my neighbours.

What do you know about Coin Street (our history/current activities/future plans)?

I wasn’t actually actively involved in campaigning, but I do remember walking down Lower Marsh in 1982 and seeing the campaign stall. I was a Chair of the local Tenants’ Association at that time and got involved from there.

In your view what makes Coin Street stand out?

Show me another area of the riverside that isn’t occupied by millionaires! Our neighbourhood has got a unique blend – I refer to it as somewhere where people work, rest or play, to borrow an old slogan.