Teresa Collins – Founder of Studio Teresa Collins at Oxo Tower Wharf

‘There is a supportive community among us which I really value’

How long have you had your studio at Oxo Tower Wharf?

I opened my studio in 1999 soon after Oxo Tower Wharf opened. There are several other designers who have also been here a long time and there is a supportive community among us which I really value.

Oxo Tower is owned and managed by Coin Street Community Builders (CSCB). Are you involved with much local activity?

It was easier to be involved with CSCB when the office was here at Oxo Tower Wharf. You would bump into people at lunchtime and around the building. I do still feel well informed about what CSCB does. I regularly attend the South Bank Forum and go to exhibitions and events at Oxo Tower Wharf and the neighbourhood  centre.

The activities run by the family and children’s centre have a brilliant reputation; the nursery and the different groups for parents, the youth club and Over 50s Art Club. I sometimes sit in Bernie Spain Gardens  and have a cup of tea or an ice cream in the late afternoon, it is generally quite calm and away from the hubbub of the riverside which can be quite hectic.

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