Rena-Rose Muyoka – Housing Administrator and Youth Club Volunteer

‘I think it would be good to have more classes and community activities for young people’

Tell us about what you do at Coin Street?

As a Housing Administrator I am responsible for providing operational support to tenants in our four housing co-ops. I also manage the waiting list on the Joint Housing Register. I also have been able to get involved in projects run by our Community Programmes and our Values working group. Our aim is to embed our values, collaborative, creative and committed, across the staff team.

Last year we organised the Sharing is Caring campaign encouraging staff to donate a range of food and household items. We made up hampers for our most vulnerable families and worked with a range of local homeless organisations to distribute an range of much needed household items.

In what ways do you get involved in volunteering?

Outside of work, I teach contemporary dance classes at my church so I was delighted to have the chance at work to be involved in organising the taster dance sessions at Rambert. The aim was to get as many people who live, work and visit the area to try dance at Rambert. We reached out to people in all sorts of different ways; we leafleted local residents, spoke to people at our sports classes and liaised with local schools even put leaflets in children’s school bags. The event was a great success.

Are you directly involved with any specific clubs?

As part of the Community Programmes team, I get to work with the young people in the Youth Club as well as the Easter and Summer camps. The Youth Club targets 8-12 year olds and they do all sorts of different things such as  gardening, cooking sessions and watching films at the nearby British Film Institute.

What more could we do?

I’m really pleased to hear about new projects like the Youth Gym. I think it would be good to have more classes and community activities for young people.