Raquel Januario – Home from Home attendee

“Hayley and Hommie at the centre are very supportive”

How did you hear about Coin Street?

I live locally and had walked past the neighbourhood centre many times before coming in. I was a bit reluctant to attend classes as sometimes support groups for parents can be a bit intimidating. But I did want some support for my son so I built up the courage to come along.

What sessions have you been attending?

I have been going to the Home from Home and Stay and Play groups with my son. Hayley and Hommie, at the centre, are very supportive and really make an effort to ensure that you have the support you need. This might be signposting to different services, a home visit, email or a phone call. I have recently become unwell that has reduced my mobility. They have been really good at keeping in touch with me and giving my emotional support as now there are lots of things I cannot do. Coin Street is more open and supportive than other Children Centres I have been too. They also have a really good variety of activities at the Home from Home Group. I think it is a good place to meet other parents who live locally.