Natalie Mady – Coin Street’s Community Gardener

‘Make it fun’

Why are community gardens like Bernie Spain Gardens important?

Bernie Spain Gardens brings people together to learn and share ideas. I particularly enjoy sharing crops from different countries and recipes on how to cook interesting things.

What inspired you to become a community gardener?

I’ve always really enjoyed being outside and interacting with plants and nature and wanted to inspire and help others to do the same and hopefully help others to enjoy the same benefits.

What are your tips for  encouraging people of all ages to become interested in gardening?

Make it fun, creative and interesting. It’s not just about growing food but showing people how nature works and teaching them how fascinating it is.

What is the most unexpected item you have grown in one your gardening projects?

Last year I grew a climbing flower called Mina Lobata. I got the seeds at a seed swap and had no idea what the plant was. it was a nice surprise when it started to flower!