Lucy Wright – Family Support Worker at Coin Street

‘Coin Street is true community cohesion in action’

How did you first come across Coin Street?

I first came across Coin Street around four years ago when my Health Visitor suggested coming to Milk Spot, a breastfeeding support group. Then I started volunteering at the family and children’s centre, where I volunteered at Home from Home. This is a group that helps parents to socialise, and get support while their children are looked after. I was then employed to run Stay and Play sessions for families and I facilitate parenting courses.

What do you like about Coin Street?

The mix of people that use the buildings and services that are run from here. This is true community cohesion in action. People whose paths would never normally cross could be doing a taster dance class together or discussing their children’s day at nursery.

How could we improve our services?

We may need to specialise and offer fewer activities. For instance at the moment, we offer a huge range of activities from supporting Deaf and LGBT parents to Art Classes for the over 50s. In an ideal world, we would also have more physical space. And more staff as we are often have to turn people away from some of the sessions. Coin Street has been a great place of opportunities for me as a parent, volunteer and a member of staff.