Judy Kelly – Bankside resident and Over 50s Art Class attendee

‘Coin Street is friendly and informal’

How did you first come across Coin Street?

I have lived at Bankside for nearly 30 years. I’d often walked past Coin Street neighbourhood centre but never been inside it. I heard about the art class through a friend and I have now been attending Coin Street’s art class for nearly four years.

What do you enjoy most about the class?

It is friendly and informal and has a wide and varied programme with extremely helpful tuition and feedback. Apart from the practical side, we also go on day trips to art galleries and I have been fortunate to see many major art exhibitions in London. Last summer, we went to visit the Turner Contemporary Gallery in Margate.

What would you like to see from Coin Street in the future?

Perhaps they could work with partners  to be able to offer more affordable  theatre ticket.  I think this would encourage more people to go to the theatre. I took part in the taster sessions at Rambert and I think many people would enjoy watching dance and taking classes but – much like the theatre – it is perceived as expensive.