Irena Lane – Fashion Designer and owner of LAGOM at Gabriel’s Wharf

“We are lucky in Gabriel’s Wharf as we have the area outside the shops… it’s a lovely space”

Tell us about your history with Coin Street?

I have had my shop at Gabriel’s Wharf  since about 2011 so would say that I am reasonably well established. I am also one of the main spokespeople for all shops and galleries in Gabriel’s Wharf at the bimonthly meetings with Coin Street. These meetings cover all sorts of things from maintenance to marketing, lighting to events.

Have you seen positive change in those seven years?

Absolutely, the South Bank is much more vibrant with a huge range of things to do for both tourists and people who live in the area. I am really pleased the work to Blackfriars Station and the Mondrian Hotel is finished as this kind of thing has a real negative impact on people coming to and exploring the shops.

Do you make use of the local public spaces?

I use Bernie Spain Gardens because I have a dog. We are lucky in Gabriel’s Wharf as we have the area by the shops, which is really nice to sit/wander around. I think it is a lovely space and like the idea of community gardens and the gardening activities – the planters are lovely.