Ellie Evans – Youth Club Volunteer

‘I’m able to develop skills, meet new people and contribute to the great work that Coin Street does in the community’

What made you start volunteering at our Youth Club?

I started volunteering for the Coin Street Youth Club in January 2016. I work for an education charity in an office-based role, I really enjoy the active, hands-on role volunteering gives me. I’m able to develop skills, meet new people and contribute to the great work Coin Street does in the community. I heard about volunteering opportunities at an event I came to in the neighbourhood centre.

What have you learned since you started volunteering.

Through volunteering at Coin Street I’ve had the chance to respond to new challenges, such as resolving conflicts within a group, or overseeing sessions. I’ve also completed online training courses in Equality and Diversity and Safeguarding. This has given me a different insight into both my work and the youth club.

Anna, who runs the Youth Club, asks for our ideas and input on the programme of activities. We’re able to choose which sessions we’d like to run. This gives volunteers an opportunity to take on further responsibilities or specialise in particular areas such as cooking or craft sessions.

Would you encourage others to get involved in their community’s Youth Club?

The Youth Club is a very busy but volunteering is one of my favourite things to do. I’d definitely recommend it to everyone, there is such a vast range of things to get involved in. Over the last 8 years I’ve volunteered for a variety of organisations. I’ve gained great experience, meet like-minded people, and had the chance to have a positive impact on others.