DJ Smooth C – Young at Heart party and Coin Street Community Day DJ

‘I love Coin Street and all that it does for local people’

How did you hear about Coin Street?

I was born locally, but  my biggest connection with Coin Street is acting as the DJ for the Young at Heart seniors party, which I very much enjoy! As a DJ and entertainer, I have been keeping local seniors moving and grooving at their annual get-together for the last few years. I’ve been loosely involved with Coin Street and the community for around 10 years. I previously worked with a member of the Community Programmes team, Natalie Bell, and SE1 United on other community functions. I love Coin Street and all that it does for local people.

 What would you like to see more of?

I previously mentioned that I’d love to see Coin Street throw a big community event for both young and old local people, to give the younger generation a chance to have a dance and sing with their elders. And so I was thrilled to learn that you are holding one in March! I’m looking forward to being a part of it.  Hopefully, it will make the seniors feel more integrated into the community, as often they can feel quite isolated.