Use These London Squeeze Points To Promote Your Brand

Use These London Squeeze Points To Promote Your Brand

Squeeze Engagement

Experiential marketing or engagement marketing is promoting your product or brand in such a way that it encourages participation. This means it needs to provide a sensory, emotional and cognitive element to the consumer.

Over the last few years this form of marketing has become more technologically advanced with the rise of virtual experiential marketing. However, it is very difficult to create a unique, personalised and unexpected experience online.

The unique experience that seems to appear almost randomly, is often the most rewarding as it can create a positive anchor within the consumer. In the future when they think of, or encounter the brand again, this anchor is triggered. This brings back the memory associated with the initial experience and the corresponding emotion. In turn this also increases the likelihood of the engagement being shared.

Savvy brands who realise the value of this tailor their engagement marketing in such a way that the product and the experience will be shared with family and friends and hopefully, colleagues in the workplace.

Choosing the correct location is vital when it comes to engagement marketing. Brands need maximum exposure to as many people as possible within the time they have been allocated. Having the best display or promotional staff will have little impact if you are on the wrong side of the road or the foot traffic is only high for a few hours every day.

Having a squeeze point is another vital requirement for effective engagement marketing. Think Waterloo station concourse during rush hour or the Riverside Walkway on South Bank. Tens of thousands of people pass through these spaces every day.

There are several points within these locations where people flow naturally to continue their journey. Some will be busier than others, these are the squeeze points that will offer the greatest engagement potential.

However not all squeeze points are the same. A busy point in Waterloo station may feel hectic or even chaotic at rush hour while a squeeze point on the Riverside Walkway will be more relaxed as people slow to take in the Thames views and river traffic.

The choice of which point is more appropriate comes down to the brand and the product or service that is being promoted. Couple a squeeze point with an experience and you have incredible engagement marketing potential. You will become connected to your consumers and create a meaningful relationship that is likely to be shared.

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