Stop the Garden Bridge campaign – CSCB’s views

There is a lot of information out there about the Garden Bridge and Coin Street Community Builders’ role in this proposed development. Many of the statements about Coin Street’s involvement have been untrue.

Getting involved

With our own background in campaigning, we welcome residents getting actively involved in issues affecting our neighbourhood. Since CSCB is responsible for the management and maintenance of the land around the southern end of the proposed Garden Bridge, we have to get involved in the proposals and consider how it would affect the community – both the pros and cons – if built.

Decision makers

Whether the Garden Bridge goes ahead is ultimately a question for elected bodies – Lambeth, Westminster, the Mayor of London, and the Government – and whether adequate funds are raised.

Ensuring benefit not liability

We have focused on how it could benefit the area (by increasing the green public realm and improving pedestrian links to the north bank) and the measures that would be needed to mitigate its impact.

We believe the Garden Bridge will be beneficial to London and our neighbourhood provided it is properly managed and maintained. However, if it is not properly managed and maintained, it will be a liability.

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Garden Bridge update of 15 October