Holiday Sports Camp 2016 – A round up

From 25 July-12 August, we welcomed on average 22 young people every day to our Holiday Sports Camp; a fantastic opportunity for those aged 8-12 to make new friends, try different sports and enjoy local cultural trips. 78% people of the young people in attendance were from SE1 and SE11, our areas of benefit, with an almost even mix of boys to girls.

With such a great time had by all, we thought it would be a lovely idea to give you a better insight as to what they got up to during their fun-fueled three weeks.


On arrival at London Nautical School, the group was encouraged to use a wide range of sports equipment and practice skills they’d learnt from their previous sessions. The popular choices were table tennis, basketball and football. We’d like to extend a big thank you to LNS for providing us with such a great space, and even offering to accommodate us inside when the weather took a turn for the worse (fortunately, we only had rain on one day!)

Structured sessions

Structured sessions were overseen by Ollie and Luke Reynolds from Waterloo FC (who also know deliver our community sessions on Monday). They would always begin with a warm-up and stretches before playing some fun games (like bulldog, dodgeball and relay races) to keep them engaged. Then, it was time to learn new skills in football and tennis. They ended up loving a tennis game called Jail, which involved you losing your racket should you not be able to return the next person in line’s ball; ruthless!

Basketball was very popular this year and with so many choosing to practice during morning free time, mini-tournaments were arranged and played in the afternoons over at Paris gardens right until the end of the day.

Free time

Dan (CSCB’s Youth and Community Worker), Jolene (our sessional Youth Worker), Danny (Coin Street Youth Club’s Youth Worker) and Yousef (SE1 United Youth Worker) were on hand to monitor, assist and support the groups throughout the day, especially during lunch breaks and free sessions. The young people had a chance to relax on a couple of occasions and enjoy a film (and popcorn!) on a big screen at the neighbourhood centre; Zootopia was given a big thumbs up!

 Multi-sports and swimming

Aside from structured sports sessions, we offered them the chance to get creative. One activity they enjoyed was running/jumping through obstacles before using a piece of sporting equipment to score a goal (it could be a football or even a hockey stick). We also played Rounders on the Hatfield’s pitches along with ‘kwick-cricket’. Swimming fell on every Wednesday morning with a quick bus journey to Darwin court, and a great time was had by all. We were able to hire the pool for the whole session enabling the young people to have races and free-time on the flotation mats.

Go Karting at Oasis Adventure Play, Stockwell

Unsurprisingly, this was a big hit with among our young people! We headed down on a Friday afternoon, the track was supervised by older members of Oasis Youth Club. They are seen as peer mentors, and our young people really responded well to them pointing out advice. Once they had changed into their karting overalls complete with safety helmet, they were given a quick safety lesson. Then, it was time to hit the track and they were split into groups of five, dependents on their ability. There were a few bumps into the tyre barriers, but overall it was a great success. And the organisers even allowed the younger ones to use cushions in order to reach the pedals, which was most appreciated.


Our BMX session was arguably the most-loved activity of Holiday Sports Camp. We had a full day at Burgess Park to go through practices and then we allowed the kids to move onto sections of the track.


We received some very positive feedback from the young people who attended and we can’t wait to do it all over again next year.