Girls’ Club Big Debate

After months of careful planning, Coin Street’s Girls Club hosted a ‘Big Debate’ in the neighbourhood centre on Tuesday March 14.

The aim of the event, which was organised and chaired by Coin Street resident and Girls’ Club attendee, Martha, was to encourage young people aged 13+ to speak directly to and have a debate with local politicians – and share some pizza!

The girls put their questions to the politicians

Around 40 people attended the event in support of the girls including friends, family and Coin Street employees and they were joined by members of London’s Green Party, Sian Berry and Rachid Nix as well as Bishops Ward Councillor Jen Mosley.

We asked Martha how she came up with the event and why she thought it was important:

“I’m quite opinionated and I talk to my friends regularly about issues that are important to me. But when it comes to politics, young people aged 15 and under don’t feel like their opinions matter because we don’t have the right to vote. I want our voices to be heard and our questions answered, specifically on recent issues like Brexit.” 

We also asked Green London Assembly Member, Sian Berry, what she was hoping to get from the event:

“I think its so important to engage with local young people, they are the future after all. I’m hoping to be able to answer all their questions, and I’ll even take things up with the Mayor if I have to!”

Coin Street’s Anna introducing Sian to Martha

The girls came up with their own questions based on pertinent issues such as Donald Trump’s visit to the UK, homelessness in the capital and lowering the voting age to 16, which were all received well by our panel. Once the event wrapped up, one local resident told us:

“What an interesting debate. The girls should be so very proud of themselves for organising it, I hope to see more events like this in the future.”

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