Community room at the Colombo Centre

Since its launch in July 2017, our Community room at the Colombo Centre has become home to a wide range of new community programmes, providing a welcoming and flexible space to meet, play, learn and unwind. It is already proving to be a fantastic asset for people of all ages in our local community.

We are delighted to have launched our brand new free Coffee Mornings on Thursdays, 11am-1pm, a great way for you to meet our Community Programmes team for a friendly chat, to access computers and get advice about local services and activities over a cup of tea or coffee.

On Thursdays 8-12 year olds attending Youth Club, our youth-led programme of activities, have been meeting here to receive support with their homework followed by arts and crafts activities and cooking up healthy and nutritious meals in the in-built kitchen. Being able to exchange dishes, advice and chats between the adjoining kitchen and main room has quickly turned the serving hatch into one of our favourite features of the Community room.

At Halloween our Gentle Gardening group carved pumpkins and then proceeded to make good use of the insides turning them into soup, roasting the seeds for salads and baking a sweet pie in the oven.

As the weather gets chillier and we head into winter, the room has doubled up as a warm, dry games-room, which has seen many an (amicably) competitive game of Monopoly and cards unfold (pictured).

Youth Activities, for 12-21 year olds, taking place in the Community room on Fridays, have involved wellbeing sessions around healthy eating, personal development and life coaching.

The Community room has been acting as a communal space and information point for a wide variety of people wanting to take part in, or find out about, our Community Programmes: from over 50s attending our newly launched Saturday Feel Good to those participating in sporting activities on the Colombo Centre’s other facilities.

Future plans for uses of the Community room are still bubbling away but will be confirmed and revealed soon. In the meanwhile, we would love to hear your views and ideas for it. Join the conversation at our Community Conversation event on 25 November or come along to share them with us at our Coffee Mornings.

For more information on our community programmes or to book the space for a community activity, please contact Dan on or call 020 7021 1625