Coin Street’s Digital Explorers

On 24 January, we ran a nine-week course at our neighbourhood centre aimed at helping our community feel more comfortable using computers.

With the help of Family Learning Tutor Sue Tovell, laptops and tablets, our seven regular attendees came along and learned new skills including how to use the internet and how to stay safe online.

Local resident Kathleen, who attended the sessions told us:

“Before coming to Digital Explorers I had tremendous difficulty getting used to my tablet. Now, I can send emails from it, I’ve got safe passwords and I can even sign out. I also know how to navigate the internet safely and feel more confident accessing it.”

Douglas added:

“I liked the course because Susan made us feel relaxed. I’m confident when it comes to sending out emails now and finding things online.”

When asked what else they would like to learn, Kathleen stressed how she would love to get to grips with social media:

“I would love to learn how to use Facebook and other social media like Twitter, as my family are on there. I know quite a lot of my friends hear about local events via Facebook, so it would be great to get involved with that side of it.”

For more information on our upcoming training courses contact Harj on