Coin Street Family and Children’s Centre celebrate Waterloo Carnival

Photograph courtesy of Daniel Chalke, Beautiful Bright


On Friday 8 July, nursery children from Coin Street participated in the thirteenth edition of Waterloo Carnival. The theme, this year, was Favourite Literary Characters.


Wearing costumes from their favourite stories, ranging from Rainbow Fish to Princesses and Pirates, and donning the bright and colourful hats they had made especially for the occasion (pictured above), the Discoverers, parents and Coin Street staff joined the procession of schools, nurseries, bands and performers to make their way along Lower Marsh, Westminster Bridge Road and Baylis Road, amid lively cheers from the crowds of local people who had gathered to enjoy the show.


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Two photographs (above) by Daniel Chalke, Beautiful Bright


After the parade, the children sat in the shade of the trees at Waterloo Millennium Green to enjoy the grand Carnival finale, which involved live music from a samba band and a storytelling session, providing a relaxing wind down from the day’s excitement. Finally, everyone sang Happy Birthday to Jhonny, our Help Desk Team Leader (pictured below), who was volunteering on the day.

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Thank you to all parents, carers and Coin Street staff who volunteered to help create a fantastic event for all.

Special thanks also go to Beautiful Bright‘s Daniel Chalke for sharing his wonderful pictures of the event with us.