Find out who won the Oxo Tower Wharf Design Hamper at the Coin Street Conference Centre showcase

We recently saw the Coin Street Conference Centre open its doors to industry professionals who were treated to some great food, company and guided tours of the conference facilities.

A big thanks to all those involved in organising the event; it was a great success.

We are also happy to announce that our competition to win the fabulous Oxo Tower Wharf Design Hamper was won by Michaela Paul-Smith from RICS. Read on to hear her reaction and experience of the day.

“I attended the event with a colleague as we were looking for suitable event spaces for upcoming events. What I loved most about Coin Street is the fusion of modernity, community and professionalism. From the moment you walk in, you are greeted by attentive and friendly staff who give an excellent tour of the grounds and explain all the work that goes into having a community and the space. This building has an eclectic vibe, with a fantastic view of London and the surrounding housing – with a spacious roof terrace. This was a refreshing experience, with a great lunch and a chance to look at a unique building that is vibrant and versatile. As for the hamper, this was one of the best hampers I’ve ever seen with fantastic, practical and relevant items that I will use every day with pleasure. Thank you very much!”

Michaela Paul-Smith
Marketing and Production Executive, RICS